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For an idea of the types of topics covered, please find below details of the sessions held at the 2023 event.

2023 Workshops and Networking

10.40am: Home office Information – Introduction to Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) & further roll out of e-Visa’s

Lee Graham, Home Office Future Borders and Immigration System (FBIS) External Engagement Team


Electronic Travel Authorisation – is advance permission to travel to the UK, for those who do not currently need to obtain a visa, or do not have a UK immigration status.

E-Visa’s – UK Government is developing a Border and Immigration system that is “Digital by Default”. Immigration

documents like Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) are being phased out and replaced with an eVisa, an electronic record including a person’s ​immigration conditions plus some biographic and other details which customers can access.

Lee Graham has been a civil servant for 21 years, working on such major initiatives as the European Settlement Scheme and the Introduction of the Points Based System. He now heads up the Future Borders & Immigration External Engagement Team.

Read more about Lee and the Home Office FBIS External Engagement Team

11.00am: Power of appreciation

Susie Greatbanks, Show the Light


Appreciation is about so much more than saying thanks; its about support, encouragement, motivating, inspiring, rewarding, recognition and appreciating those around you!

It’s the difference between a harmonious relationship and a turbulent one; a united team and one at odds with each other.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • know the 5 appreciation languages
  • know what your appreciation language is
  • how to recognise other peoples

Its free to use and you can start to apply it straight away – So that you can have a great day every day.

With her energetic and fresh approach to business and life, Susie helps heart-centred women to feel confident and communicate effectively with the people around them. Both at work and at home.

Read more about Susie

11.30am: Rank #1 on Google: Insider SEO Tips Revealed!

Stephen Solademi, Managing Director, SOS Creativity


Your Ultimate Guide to SEO Success! Whether you’re a business owner starting the SEO journey or a pro marketing manager, this keynote is for you. Discover the Proven Techniques to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings and Get More Traffic. Join me for an eye-opening keynote that will take your online presence to the next level.

We’ll cover everything from Google’s top priorities to our expert tips and tools, giving you a step-by-step guide to achieving SEO success. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your website to the next level!

Stephen is a multi-award-winning UK SEO consultant with a proven track record of success helping businesses from various industries. His expertise includes keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, content creation and marketing, and link building.

Read more about Stephen

11.50am: How to make savvy choices about your business’ technical products, that will enable your business long term

Kanika Selvan, Director, Beetroot Consulting


Technology can be great for businesses, connecting with customers, selling products, automating internal processes. Savvy decisions made early on, can enable businesses to grow with confidence, knowing how technical products and innovation can support them in the long term.

Beetroot consulting, a tech for good consultancy work to demystify technology for organisations and leaders, who are keen to unlock the hidden benefit in their organisation.

In this session, they offer their 5 top tips, to ensure that your technical estate scales with you.

As a Strategic Change Consultant, Kanika works to a ‘tech for good’ mission. She works with organisations to lift the veil on technology and empowers them to make decisions that unlock the benefits of technology for their organisation.

Read more about Kanika

12.15pm: Upskill your team: An investment not an expense

Adele Lochman, Assistant Head of Apprenticeships, University of Salford


Programmes that are relevant, current, and ultimately meet your business needs. Develop your team quickly and effectively with industry relevant programmes and short courses.

A chance to find out what options are available to you and how you can utilise different funding streams to cover the cost of training.

Adele Lochman is the Assistant Head of Apprenticeships at the University of Salford working with employers to meet their needs with regards to upskilling and developing their teams.


Read more about Adele and the University of Salford’s Apprenticeship Services Unit

12.35pm: Personality types

Andy Guile, Master Coach & Trainer


In this session, Andy will look at different personality types and how they can effect how you sell.

Andy is a Master Coach and trainer helping business owners create happy, wealthy, & productive workplaces by providing sales, business networking, mind set training & coaching.

Read more about Andy

1.00pm: Free Networking Session

Hosted by Andy Guile

Pitch your business, make lots of new contacts and catch up with familiar faces at this session hosted by Andy Guile.

1.40pm: Generating more business through LinkedIn

Ian Nicklin, Managing Director, IN Business Ninjas


In this session Ian will show you the power of LinkedIn and if you are in B2B sales, why this should be one of your number one marketing strategies.

Ian will cover the following information that you will able to go away and action immediately to ramp up your lead generation activity.

What actually is LinkedIn and why should I be taking this seriously as a lead generating source
How to get the perfect profile that instantly shows you as the expert in your field that has a solution to your prospects problems
How to simply produce effective content the builds your credibility
How to build and engage with highly targeted prospects
How to write engaging and relevant messages to get people engaged
How to find your ideal prospects
How the use Sales Navigator – An essential upgrade for anyone using LinkedIn

With over 20 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, Ian Nicklin has worked with all different sizes of companies from large multi-nationals to small owner managed businesses both in the UK and the Middle East.

The Ninjas team focus on helping people build their pipeline by generating high quality and relevant target market conversations with your idea target market. They can either teach you how to do or just do it for you. That way it leaves you to focus on closing those deals.

Read more about Ian

2.15pm: How your business can engage with universities

Katherine Barr, University of Salford Business Innovation Services Team


Ever wondered how your business can engage with universities?

Join Katherine Barr from the University of Salford to find out how the university can support your business with everything from student engagement to research, product development, training courses and more.

Katherine is the Business Development Associate for the University of Salford’s Business Innovation Services team.

Read more about Katherine

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