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2022 Workshops and Seminars

10.30am: An Introduction to the Points Based Immigration System

Home Office Future Borders and Immigration System (FBIS) External Engagement Team


On the 1st January 2021, free movement ended, and the UK introduced a new points-based immigration system.

The new system treats EU and non-EU citizens equally and has transformed the way in which all migrants come to the UK to work and study. Anyone coming to the UK to work or study, excluding Irish citizens, will need to apply for permission in advance.

This session will focus on:
– Overview of points-based immigration system – Skilled Worker Route
– Overview of how to become a Home Office Sponsor

Home Office FBIS External Engagement Team support businesses, ensuring they understand the requirements should they wish to employ someone from outside the UK.

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10.50am: Goal setting the not so SMART way

Andy Guile, Master Coach & Trainer


Setting goals and targets has long been seen as a vital part in the journey to success.

This session explores the psychology of goal setting and how you can achieve success with goals in life and business.

Andy is a Master Coach and trainer helping business owners create happy, wealthy, & productive workplaces by providing sales, business networking, mind set training & coaching.

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11.20am: 7 Dumb Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Ruth King, Best Selling Author, Consultant and Entrepreneur


Would you prefer to find out you have cancer when it is at Stage 1 or Stage 4? Stage 1 of course – that’s why you get a health check-up.

Would you prefer to find out you are headed for a business problem before you are in the middle of a crisis? Of course – that’s why you get a business financial health check-up.

You’ll discover the seven dumbest financial mistakes business owners make…part of your business financial health check-up. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be able to spot and take care of many issues before they become major crises….and stay healthy businesswise.

You’ll leave with actions you can easily implement to stay profitable and build wealth.

Ruth is a serial entrepreneur who has owned 8 businesses in the past 37+ years. She is passionate about helping small business owners get profitable and stay profitable.

Having been successful in helping business owners in the US to increase profits, build wealth, and for some, sell their businesses for millions, Ruth is looking forward to meeting and connecting with UK businesses and entrepreneurs.

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12.00pm: Getting HR and Employment Law back on Track in 2022

Enrique Garcia, Wilford Smith HR Consulting and Solicitors


This session will focus on helping Companies with their HR and Employment Law strategies and actions to help continue growth and recovery post COVID-19.

Enrique is a lawyer with 10 years experience in Employment Law. He has represented businesses in over 500 Employment Law and County Court Hearings.

He also helps businesses get HR and Employment Law right from the beginning through step-by-step advice and action plans.

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12.30pm: How to Stand out on LinkedIn

Jason Jones, LinkedIn Coach, InBusinessNinjas


In this short session, Jason Jones will give a brief outline on using LinkedIn to generate more prospects and more business.

With over 18 years in Sales & Marketing, Jason has a passion for rapid and sustainable results. 

He believes the foundations of marketing have changed, it’s now based around subtle introductions, with relationship building based on proven referrals & sound business cases.

Professional people want to deal with likeminded professional people who can be trusted and share their core values.

1.45pm: Planning your Marketing – getting the balance right

Chris Roxburgh, Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer, My Marketing Guy


Marketing is a key factor in running a successful business but with so many options how can you decide what will give you the best outcome.

Chris has been running effective marketing campaigns for many years and will share some of his experience in this short session which will cover

– Traditional v Digital Marketing

– Some useful case studies

– Avoiding common Pitfalls

Chris has been involved in marketing for his entire career and has experience across many elements of the marketing mix.

During the last 9 years his consultancy role with My Marketing Guy has allowed him to use his vast experience in applying what he’s learned to a wide variety of situations presented by clients.

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2.05pm: Those with passion, Podcast

Mark Pollard-Ali and Mark Latham, Founders of The Pod Station

21 million people listen to podcasts in the UK. 21 million!! That’s a large percentage of the population to potentially sideline if you’re not podcasting.

The Two Marks, founders of The Pod Station, will share some insights into the world of podcasting and show you how easily you can set up your own podcast to get your piece of that 21 million pie.

Join them for an insightful and engaging chat on all things podcast.


Mark Pollard-Ali runs his own marketing agency, Funky Vibes Marketing and has been involved in Podcasting production and roll out for the past 3.5 years.

Interesting fact about Mark: he’s a Marvel geek.


Mark Latham founded his company, Utopia Marketing Agency, over 28 years ago and is a creative genius.

Mark has also been involved in Podcasting for 3.5 years.

Interesting fact about Mark: he’s a part time professional stuntman.


Read more about the two Marks

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