2023 Event Speaker

Ian Nicklin, Managing Director, IN Business Ninjas

1.40pm: Generating more business through LinkedIn

In this session Ian will show you the power of LinkedIn and if you are in B2B sales, why this should be one of your number one marketing strategies.

Ian will cover the following information that you will able to go away and action immediately to ramp up your lead generation activity.

  • What actually is LinkedIn and why should I be taking this seriously as a lead generating source
  • How to get the perfect profile that instantly shows you as the expert in your field that has a solution to your prospects problems
  • How to simply produce effective content the builds your credibility
  • How to build and engage with highly targeted prospects
  • How to write engaging and relevant messages to get people engaged
  • How to find your ideal prospects
  • How the use Sales Navigator – An essential upgrade for anyone using LinkedIn

About Ian Nicklin

With over 20 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, Ian Nicklin has worked with all different sizes of companies from large multi-nationals to small owner managed businesses both in the UK and the Middle East.

IN Business Ninjas are an offshoot of IN Business Coaching that started over 13 years ago. Ian specialises in marketing coaching and the Ninjas were born out of the frustration of using various marketing and social media agencies over several years for himself and clients with various degrees of success.

The Ninjas team focus on helping people build their pipeline by generating high quality and relevant target market conversations with your idea target market. They can either teach you how to do or just do it for you. That way it leaves you to focus on closing those deals.


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