2024 Event Speaker

Kanika Selvan, Director, Beetroot Consulting

11.05am: How to make savvy choices about your business’ technical products, that will enable your business long term

Technology can be great for businesses, connecting with customers, selling products, automating internal processes.

Savvy decisions made early on, can enable businesses to grow with confidence, knowing how technical products and innovation can support them in the long term.

Beetroot consulting, a tech for good consultancy works to demystify technology for organisations and leaders, who are keen to unlock the hidden benefit in their organisation.

In this session, they offer their 5 top tips, to ensure that your technical estate scales with you.

About Kanika Selvan

With a background in leading both technical change and people change, Kanika has a proven track record of delivering digital technologies through strategic transformation programmes.

As a Strategic Change Consultant, Kanika works to a ‘tech for good’ mission. She works with organisations to to lift the veil on technology and empowers them to make decisions that unlock the benefits of technology for their organisation.

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