2024 Event Speaker

Sauren Ghosh, Utility Warehouse (UW) Partner, Trainer and Coach

10.40am: How To Grow Your Current Business with UW

During these challenging economic times there has never been a better time to explore other options.

So, how would running UW alongside what you do now benefit you?

  • Transferable Skills
  • More Sales Success
  • Be Part of a Positive Community
  • Personal and Professional Development

So, what else could you achieve?

  • More Money! £££
  • More Free Time!
  • Increased Pension!

There is no doubt that being a Multiple Income Individual is the way forward!

Curious about how you can get paid month after month after month, for doing something once?

Come along and find out more!

About Sauren

Sauren has been a UW Partner, Trainer and Coach since 2007.

Since then, he has helped thousands of people to save both time and money and improve their lives, on their terms.

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