2022 Event Speakers

Mark Pollard-Ali and Mark Latham, Founders of The Pod Station

2.05pm: Those with passion, Podcast

21 million people listen to podcasts in the UK. 21 million!! That’s a large percentage of the population to potentially sideline if you’re not podcasting.

The Two Marks, founders of The Pod Station, will share some insights into the world of podcasting and show you how easily you can set up your own podcast to get your piece of that 21 million pie.

Join them for an insightful and engaging chat on all things podcast.

About Mark Pollard-Ali


Mark runs his own marketing agency, Funky Vibes Marketing and has been involved in Podcasting production and roll out for the past 3.5 years.

Turning what started off as a hobby, into a business, The Pod Station aims to educate and support budding podcasters through their range of training programmes, hosting and editing services, as well as entertain the masses with their variety of podcasts stations and shows.

Interesting fact about Mark: he’s a Marvel geek.

About Mark Latham


Mark founded his company, Utopia Marketing Agency, over 28 years ago and is a creative genius.

Mark has also been involved in Podcasting for 3.5 years, thanks to his love of film and TV, which ultimately led to him joining forces with long time friend and the ‘other’ Mark to collaboratively run The Pod Station.

Interesting fact about Mark: he’s a part time professional stuntman.

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