2022 Event Speaker

Chris Roxburgh, Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer, My Marketing Guy

1.45pm: Planning your Marketing – getting the balance right

Marketing is a key factor in running a successful business but with so many options how can you decide what will give you the best outcome.

Chris has been running effective marketing campaigns for many years and will share some of his experience in this short session which will cover:

– Traditional v Digital Marketing

– Some useful case studies

– Avoiding common Pitfalls

About Chris Roxburgh

Chris has been involved in marketing for his entire career and has experience across many elements of the marketing mix. During the last 9 years his consultancy role with My Marketing Guy has allowed him to use his vast experience in applying what he’s learned to a wide variety of situations presented by clients.

As an independent Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer, Chris help clients to write and implement marketing and social media marketing strategies that will deliver lasting benefits to their businesses.

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