2024 Exhibitors

Newflex LTD


Phone: 07881 430 321

Instagram:  @citibase | @work.bold | @xchgspaces


About Newflex LTD

Newflex are a flexible workplace solutions specialist.

We operate under a Family of brands:

  • Citibase
  • Bold
  • Serendipity Labs
  • The Quad
  • XCHG
  • Fredericks

We help create value for landlords by supporting and delivering hybrid working, and offer fully serviced office space, meeting rooms, co working, hot desking, day passes, dedicated desks and more Nationwide, in 40+Locations.

We support occupying businesses with support and access to advice, we curate and manage vibrant workplaces, and use expert marketing to place millions of targeted ads each year to create flexible workspace demand.

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