2023 Event Speaker

Susie Greatbanks, Show the Light Ltd

11.00am: Power of appreciation

Appreciation is about so much more than saying thanks; its about support, encouragement, motivating, inspiring, rewarding, recognition and appreciating those around you!

It’s the difference between a harmonious relationship and a turbulent one; a united team and one at odds with each other.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • know the 5 appreciation languages
  • know what your appreciation language is
  • how to recognise other peoples

Its free to use and you can start to apply it straight away – So that you can have a great day every day

About Susie Greatbanks

As an accomplished business professional and people specialist, Susie brings a wide variety of expertise and energy to all that she does. Whether that is 1-2-1, or in her coaching programmes. Using her decades of experience, Susie transforms individuals and businesses by helping them to solve the biggest mystery of them all – people!

With her energetic and fresh approach to business and life, Susie helps heart-centred women to feel confident and communicate effectively with the people around them.

Both at work and at home.


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