2021 Event Speaker

James Burke, Head Coach, Action Coach Manchester

12.20pm: Standing Out From The Crowd

The average person sees 2000 adverts a day, and ignores somewhere in the region of 2000 adverts per day.

We’re conditioned to ignore things that we see over and over, so in a world where everyone is trying to ignore your marketing, what can you do to stand out?

Hear from the man that won the global business coaching award, Manchester’s very own, James Burke.

About James Burke

World ranked business coach and best selling author James Burke is Managing Director and Head Coach at Action Coach Manchester. He delivers 1-2-1 coaching and group coaching sessions.

James helps business champions grow, earn more and work less. He has an inspiring backstory and in his book “The Journey To Wealth And A World Class Mindset” he talks about how he went from sleeping rough and being homeless at 16, to one of the top business coaches in the world.

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